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Integrated Specialty Pharmacies in Health Systems

Specialty pharmacies play an important role in helping patients manage complex diseases. From high touch counseling to navigating potential insurance barriers, specialty pharmacies require the clinical knowledge, expertise and infrastructure in order to deliver the best possible patient satisfaction and outcomes. The result of these outcomes can drive higher quality and lower health care costs even for the most complex patients. Cornerstone helps fund, build, and operate integrated specialty pharmacy programs that deliver clinical outcomes.

Proven Partnership Model

The Cornerstone model brings the expertise of a specialty pharmacy developer right to your doorstep. Our expertise comes directly from building specialty pharmacy programs for over 7 healthcare organizations across Massachusetts. The Cornerstone team helped build the our most famous success story at Boston Medical Center, developing a small specialty program into a $300M specialty pharmacy serving over 400,000 covered lives in Massachusetts.

Results from Proven Approach

Proven ability to deliver rapid financial result

  • Team has built a best-in-class pharmacy program with retail, specialty and ambulatory capabilities
  • Revenues grew from our partners $0 to $100 million in less than 24 months, and over $300 million today

Focus on clinical outcomes

  • Unique focus on clinical outcomes versus process metrics allows us to more actively engage providers and systems that we serve and deliver superior bottom-line results

Service models that target a broader definition of specialty

  • Our universe includes additional high-cost drugs for complex conditions beyond conventional PBM definition of specialty and limited distribution drugs not available to others in the market
  • We apply our high-touch service mindset to “specialty-lite” drugs linked to conditions that cause high utilization

How does Cornerstone work with Hospitals and Health Systems in developing specialty pharmacy services?

  • We build or accelerate hospital owned and integrated world-class specialty pharmacies,
  • We partner with hospital and pharmacy leaders on development of specialty pharmacy, building capabilities for our partner systems,
  • We deploy and extend Cornerstone’s unique model and infrastructure that attracts, satisfies, and creates patient loyalty
  • We extend our years of specialty pharmacy and health system experience, unlocking true value for our partners versus “borrowing” access to drugs

All of which comes at no risk to our partners as we fund your startup and expansion costs.

Accelerating your Specialty Pharmacy Program

We hire, train and embed the best on the ground in-clinic pharmacy support within your hospital clinics

  • Clinical pharmacists
  • Pharmacy liaisons
  • Care coordinators
  • Management success teams

We provide the back end and front end infrastructure needed to successfully support world-class specialty pharmacy programs

  • Patient support center that helps navigate financial barriers, adherence, and access support, as well as clinical counseling for patients, 24x7.
  • Real time, integrated analytics software on patients, prescriptions, financial detail, and clinical reporting.
  • A dedicated nationally recognized mail order and specialty pharmacy that can support on-site pharmacies and provide deliveries.
  • Years of expertise in unlocking access to limited distribution drugs (LDDs) and payers for your specialty pharmacy.

Cornerstone focuses on developing a advanced health system specialty programs for the benefit of patients, providers and the health system as a whole

  • Improved patient access to medications with significant barriers in coverage or availability
  • Flexible and convenient delivery options for patients, ranging from in-clinic pickup to home delivery

  • Higher adherence to medication and treatment plans results in better outcomes.
  • Integrated resources directly in clinic to provide prompt patient and provider support.

  • Maximizing value from specialty programs with expertise in the 340B program
  • Establishing funds for pharmacy services for the most vulnerable patients
  • Development of owned infrastructure with reduced costs and no disruption to existing relationships.

We exceed industry benchmarks on typical specialty pharmacy success metrics;

medication adherence
95% vs. 60%1
Medication adherence (PDC)
SVR12 of Hep C treated patients

and go further by measuring, and outperforming on, true clinical outcomes

prior authorization
2 vs. 212
Prior authorization turnaround time (days)
80% vs 33%3
HIV viral load suppression
Patient assistance
Patient assistance dollars secure
76% vs 50%3
CML molecular response rate in oncology
  1. BMC pharmacy and partner medication adherence measured vs. community averages as exhibited by health plan and measured as proportion of days covered (PDC).
  2. Prior auth time and SVR12 measured via HealthCloud platform; 99% represents those who completed tx outside of lost to follow up.
  3. Reflect independent studies done for BMC patients receiving therapy from internal specialty pharmacy vs outside, 2017.

Success Stories and Clients

Cornerstone is partnered with several health care organizations today:

  1. Boston Medical Center Health System
  2. Signature Healthcare
  3. Holyoke Medical Center
  4. Southcoast Health System
  5. Manet Community Health Center
  6. South Boston Community Health Center
  7. Brockton Neighborhood Health Center
  8. Codman Square Community Health Center
  9. Lowell General Hospital

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